More Than Automated Phone Service, Real Customer Service

We all love Starbucks because of the friendliness, helpfulness and guarantee that if you are not satisfied with something they will make it right. But we also accept the fact this is now a rare instance in customer service, not the norm.

Look around and you will see that customer service is more related to self-service for many organizations. At the Trish Groves Agency, we will not only package and deliver your full service campaign, we will be there through each inquiry, result and deliverable. That is the way it should be. Right? Why then, do so many organizations pull back on this most important signature service…

An unlikely but true example can be found in the purchase of furniture. There was a time when you could buy a recliner and someone would deliver and assemble it in your home. Now, you are able to order your furniture online. It comes halfway assembled in a box and you put it together yourself. If there is something wrong with the item, you might call a 1-800 number only to find the hours of operation are limited and that you must call back at a later time. With each attempt to find that signature service, the consumer realizes that the lack of real customer priority is dwindling into an automated oblivion.

It would seem along with virtually no customer service, customers must handle everything independently, from the purchasing to assembly. As a consumer, should you not demand full service?

It is our belief that no one should pay for an advertising campaign only to get semi-decent customer service. Rest assured, when you connect with the Trish Groves Agency, you will not have to. With us, full service is just the beginning.

We understand the value of this. We know what it means to believe the “customer is always right.” We also know there are some services you simply should never skimp on where a product or service is concerned.

What kind of service should you expect from your agency? You are the paying customer, so do you not have a right to expect something of value when electing to use a product or service?

Specific needs in specific areas require specific strategies. You will find that we are well versed in creating and executing targeted plans in no time flat. Plus, we’ll keep your campaign in full gear and you’ll always be our number one priority. Never just a number. When it comes to your advertising portfolio, customer service makes a difference. With us, you will understand why.

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