The Benefits of Boutique

Advertising Solutions Beyond The Norm

You need a new fishing pole. Do you head to Bass Pro Shops where employees flutter about like worker bees in a colony, or do you walk into Frank’s Bait and Tackle where Frank himself will help you?

In the land of higher education, would you prefer a lecture hall of 300 fellow students surrounding and hiding you from singularity, or are you signing up for a 20-person class where the teacher will know your name and personally invest in your collegiate success?

In life and in business, options like these present themselves almost daily. And in the world of advertising, it’s no different. Including advertising in this industry called trucking.

Trucking companies in need of marketing their brand, recruiting ever-elusive drivers, and overcoming retention woes will often turn to an advertising agency for aid. Agencies—particularly in niche industries like trucking—come in all sizes and can be a comprehensive source of help, service, and information. If they’re reputable, they know the industry and understand its nuances as well as you do but from a solutions perspective. Equipped with such expertise, an agency can be highly valuable in helping companies like yours.

But what if your company has needs that go beyond the trucking typical? Maybe you are staring at failing CSA scores, operating in a community unsettled about your presence, wondering what outside-the-box steps might reduce skyrocketing insurance costs (not just for drivers but for all employees), or any number of other obstacles to success. Do you need solutions to problems like these in addition to marketing and recruiting? Would you prefer to entrust them to a top level, experienced partner rather than have your company become just another in a sea of companies like yours, getting assembly-line service? Then think boutique.

“Boutique” in advertising doesn’t mean ladies’ dresses or delicate dust-collectors. Rather, a boutique agency is one that offers solutions beyond the norm via a more personal experience.

The most prominent boutique agency in trucking today is the Trish Groves Agency. Groves, together with her business partner Becky Bozarth, use their combined 50 years in advertising to now run an efficient, results-oriented agency for a limited number of clients. The duo pride themselves on personally handling every client directly, and in order to give that level of time and attention to each of them, the clientele list will always be an exclusive one.

The Trish Groves Agency operates solely in the trucking arena; Groves and Bozarth know the industry and have long tackled the challenges that customers face, like recruiting, retention and marketing. They overcome those now with competitive pricing, an objective assessment of the solutions available today, and via relationships cultivated with top vendors and service-providers. But the boutique benefits go beyond all of that. The benefits of boutique mean these ladies personally address the unique hurdles of every carrier client: everything from safety concerns, dispatcher relations and office staff communication to community outreach, long term growth goals, equipment assessment, and more. With the one-on-one time they dedicate to clients, they can dig deeper and help address more than an average advertising agency could. They do so with phenomenal success and to the satisfaction of the carriers they serve.

When your company needs an advertising agency that is also a solutions provider for more than recruiting and retention, seek boutique.

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