Here They Grow Again

Boutique Agency Accepting Select New Clients

The preeminent boutique agency in the trucking arena, Trish Groves Agency, with partners Trish Groves and Becky Bozarth at the helm, is excited to announce that as 2017 winds down and 2018 looms near, it will be accepting a small number of new clients. This small-yet-mighty agency maintains a limited clientele base so that it can offer superior attention to each of the clients in their exclusive portfolio. This is the very definition, the partners believe, of being a boutique agency vs a mega-sized, get-lost-in-the-shuffle kind of advertising agency.

In a niche industry such as trucking, the needs of for-hire carriers stretch well beyond the norm. Branding, marketing, recruiting/hiring and retention are commonly needed by carriers just like, well, just about any other business out there. But how a carrier brands itself and—in particular—how they recruit, hire and retain is anything but common. Trish Groves Agency’s combined 50 years of experience make them more than equipped to handle these unique challenges.

But being boutique means going beyond that. This agency works with clients to address deeper needs and issues, such as, what are the major safety concerns, CSA score averages, dispatcher relationships, and how to implement the contentious ELD mandate that’s right around the corner? Those hurdles and so many more that exist within trucking can be tackled efficiently and effectively when you have an agency by your side that has the time to devote to you and your particular needs.

Becky Bozarth, Vice-President of Trish Groves Agency, explains: “When reviewing our current client base, every single one was formed based on an almost instantaneous relationship where both parties wanted to work together and both provided honest and open communication. The majority of these came to us because they felt they could gain from our small, hyper-focused attention, and wanted to get a game plan in place to move forward.”

To put it plainly and simply, when you need an agency to help you and you want the level of attention and detail that only a company with limited clients can offer, Trish Groves Agency is your answer. They offer no “dog and pony show,” says Trish Groves. “We do not complete RFPs. Our current clients knew they needed help, needed it immediately, and because of our honest and up-front approach, we mutually understood where we were at, where we needed to be and what we needed to do to get there.

“Now, we’re pleased to say that we are looking to provide that level of service to a few new clients who believe in approaching the relationship the same way. You have a need; we have solutions. Let’s roll up our sleeves together and get to work,” Groves sums up.

Indeed, you’ll be glad you did.

Contact Trish Groves Agency to see if the fit works well for you both: